Indian marriage is an event to remember. It is festival of colour, music and dance.

Marriage is all about developing long lasting relationship. A happy marriage is one which generates lovecompassion and respect for each other. It marks the beginning of a new life. It is binding of not only two individuals but two families

The bride and the groom come from different backgrounds. Their education, hobbies, likes and dislikes are not the same. But understanding each other brings them closer. Their mutual respect for each other results in a successful relationship

Our cultural diversity has witnessed different marriage rituals for different religions.In the past we have witnessed either love marriages or arranged ones. Recent trend is using Marriage Portals to access information necessary to know Proposal of the bride or groom. This method gives both the parties enough time to understand each other. 

We hope this generation will take full advantage of these new avenues of information to find out for themselves their much awaited life partner

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